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I first met Prince in the early 90s when  I was in a meeting at WarnerBrothers with John Buig and Benny Medina, for a music video for Karen White. It was the period when Prince wanted to get out of his record deal as Warner Brothers only wanted to do an album every few years and 

Prince was so prolific he wanted to release music constantly. Prince came into the office with an entourage like a funeral procession all wearing black. He had a woman walk in front scattering black Rose Petals, while he walked wearing a black Spanish-style hat and veil. He became THE ARTIST FORMALLY KNOWN AS PRINCE . Benny his manager jumped up in shock and disbelief ...It was quite an entrance to say the least!

Jump forward a few years and Henri Marquez from EMI called me to shoot 9 setups of an artist in an hour, as the artist was doing a movie and we had to shoot them on lunch break.

This was before digital and we would need 10 setups and multiple assistants.
I was known for working quickly and  I mentioned we'd need a huge backdrop and multiple setups. He said money is no problem. So I found myself at the Paramount studios with 4 assistants and 10 lighting setups, and multiple backdrops.

Prince was doing The Muppet Movie and we were met by his security, who briefed us about Prince Protocol.  When Prince arrived I walked him through the setups and he killed one which was a fire backdrop but loved the others. We ended up shooting and finishing early. because he was so remarkable on camera where every frame was a knockout. He nailed each shot which is rare for even the most experienced artists.

He was so grateful that when I returned to my bungalow at the Chateau Marmonte, my room was filled with flowers and a note from Prince thanking me an inviting me to Paisley Park. It was the beginning of a wonderful working friendship.