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Shortly after the Guess Miami shoot, Anna and I were united again and worked together on the 1992 Playboy shoot. I really wanted to shoot at the Jayne Mansfield estate on Sunset Boulevard with its famous heart-shaped pool and pink shag pile carpet. I studied all the images of Jayne Mansfield with her body builder husband Mickey Hagerty.

For the Playboy shoot I deliberately shot in black and white and approached the story with the same playful pin-up quality as Guess, but obviously with less clothing (another photographer did the color Playboy style photos for that issue). We had a great chemistry and our collaboration was magical. She trusted my direction and appreciated my love of Hollywood glamor and I admired her dedication and commitment. She was in total character and brilliant on set.

I believe I was the first woman to shoot Playboy and as I cast a male model in the role of Mickey Hagerty, it was the first time a man had been in the photos and it created quite a response from readers.